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Julian Ivaldy
8 min readDec 5, 2022

Every day, new companies & entrepreneurs are looking for agencies and freelancers on Web3 topics. Whether it is for marketing, IT, legal, community management, etc. Surrounding yourself with the best freelancers and agencies is a major factor in the success of a Web3 project. Indeed, you can’t be the best everywhere. To give your project the best chance, it is recommended to contact directly experts in each field.

The great thing about Web3 is that it’s a very open industry where it’s much easier to get in touch with experts in the field. You can also more easily set up hybrid deals with the contractors you work with. Indeed, working with agencies and freelancers is not reserved for an elite, you can easily set up hybrid agreements, performance agreements based on the future success of your project, on the contribution of the subcontractor, or even negotiate free work based on a win-win collaboration… There is no barrier to working with experts, and this is not the case in all industries, so why not take advantage of it?

My name is Julian, co-founder of The Secret Company. We have been developing several ambitious Web3 startups for 2 years (Mobula, StaySAFU, Safetin). We went from 0 to 1M monthly users with our crypto-scanner StaySAFU and attracted more than 50,000 DAU with Mobula, a next-gen crypto aggregator in beta version. Every week, I receive messages from freelancers & agencies who present me with their services. So I decided to create an open directory where I would put the contact of all freelancers & Web3 agencies that I would have previously analyzed & validated.

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